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What we do?

Installation of computer, multimedia, communications and transmitting equipment. We not share Jobs on large and small. We will do every quality-set Job, the implementation of technology to suit your needs. Our specialty is the demanding and complex system integration of different manufacturers.

What we sell?

If you do not want to deal with specifications, compatibility, standards, vendors, delivery dates and a bunch of technical details, we will do it for you. We can provide a complete service supply, delivery, installation and maintenance of components, integrated systems and infrastructures.


Quality maintenance of existing IT, telecommunications and multimedia infrastructure ensures reliable operation and savings in your business. We offer from occasional troubleshoot to permanent contracts that provide you with best response time and replacement equipment.


We’re doing the delivery, installation and maintenance of computers, computer peripherals and accessories, for the job. We can make the training of your staff.


We design, deliver and set complete systems for newspaper offices and radio stations. Editorial systems and radio automation.


We are oriented to VoIP phone systems of the latest generation. Besides them we deliver professional radio links and transmitting systems.


We have our own servers for Web hosting. We are able to develop and maintain the most demanding websites or web portals.

Because computer equipment failures, you spend a lot of time and money? You waste a lot of energy on the problems associated with the new device, with which no one knows how to do? Certain parts of the business and communications are slow and complicated to you? Just do your job and let us solve it for you! Euro communication – Implementation of the technology, so that it is simpler, faster and more reliable!

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