Key Info

Euro Communications

Company Registration number – MBS: 


Registration number – MB: 




VAT number: 


Commercial Bank

Addiko Bank d.d.

Giro Account number: 2500009 -1101284484

Account Number – IBAN: HR88 2500 0091 101284484

Swift: HAABHR22

Payment of our services and products can be made to our account at Addiko Bank Croatia.

In the case of payment services and products outside the Croatian borders, it is necessary to specify IBAN and SWIFT of the bank.

Contact Info

Euro Communications

registered office address:

HR 10430 Samobor

Pape Ivana XXIII 37

Croatia, Europe

phone: +385 (0)1 77 77 500

fax: +385 (0) 1 77 77 501


Founding Info

Euro Communications

Legal form:
Ltd., a limited liability company for consulting and systems integration

Founded on: 7th October, 2008.

Basic Act:The founding contract of 19.09.2008. year, placed in the collection of documents at the Commercial Court in Zagreb.

Number of registration in the Court Register:
Tt-08/11917-2, Commercial Court in Zagreb

Miljenko Novosel – member

Share Capital:
The amount of 2.654,46 Eur, paid in full.

Statistics of business

From 7th October 2008

Payment of goods and services: 100%
Paying employees and subcontractors: 100%
Debts to us: 29%
The execution of contracted projects and services:100%
Reliability of integrated systems: 73%
Reliability of integrated systems with our design: 96%
Functionality of implemented integrated systems: 55%
Functionality of implemented integrated systems with our design: 89%
Conservative way of doing business: 51%
Balanced way of doing business: 29%
The willingness to take risks in business: 20%